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Performance Audit Research Taking Too Long?

Planning performance audits can take a lot of effort and time. It’s not always easy to find or analyze relevant information. 
Research may be spread across…

100+ websites

publishing audit reports and frameworks, all with different user interfaces

100+ jurisdictions

requiring PA teams to translate terminology, categories, and styles

1000’s of documents

to read and analyze — for relevance, frameworks, benchmarks, criteria, and data used
Free up your time with relevant PA research delivered to you within 5 business days.

Done-For-You Research Working Papers


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Request a Research Working Paper

Get a curated collection of relevant information sent straight to your inbox — no need to search dozens of websites or multiple (incomplete) databases. Choose from three options, each designed to help audit teams get the depth of research and level of insight needed.

Standard Research Working Paper

Get a working paper that narrows down your search.
$1,250 USD
$1,175 EUR

Enhanced Research Working Paper

Get an enhanced working paper that quickly identifies relevant frameworks and data.
$2,500 USD
$2,350 EUR

Custom Research Paper

Get a more detailed paper with advanced insights that to more in-depth audit planning.
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Number of relevant audit reports
List of audit reports sorted by relevance
Summary of guidelines, frameworks and standards identified
Summary of data used and visualized
Custom research (e.g. benchmarks, criteria, potential lines of inquiry, jurisdictional context)
Refresh (if the audit is delayed or where the paper is delivered well ahead of the start of an audit)
+$250 USD
(optional add-on)
1 refresh included
1 refresh included (typical)
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Send a brief
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* In some rare cases, there may be fewer relevant audit reports available than what’s included in your package.
If this happens, we’ll let you know and discuss the options.

How it Works

Step 1

Fill out the brief to request a research paper. Tell us about your audit, including your title, topic, objective, keywords, keyphrases, or similar PA report.
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Step 2

After confirming the details with you via email, phone, or Teams, we’ll dive into the research to find relevant reports and insights.

Step 3

You’ll get your research working paper in your inbox in just 5 business days.
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100% Money-Back Guarantee

If your team isn't satisfied with the quality of the research, we’ll refund your fee.

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PA Reports is built by Risk Insights, an experienced team of PA consultants based in Australia. We have delivered and reviewed dozens of PAs. Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand how time intensive the research task can be. We have worked on finding solutions to research and plan for PAs more efficiently and effectively, freeing up more time to focus on audit execution.

In 2022, we launched PA Reports, helping more PA teams around the world get their audits off to the best start.

It depends on how deep you need the research to go, how much analysis you’d like to do yourself, and how much time you have to do it. Here’s a summary of the differences between each option:

  • The standard paper is ideal for finding 5-10 relevant PA reports, helping reduce your search time and effort.
  • The enhanced paper finds more (10-20) PA reports, including a summary of relevant frameworks and/or data used in those audits.
  • The custom paper gives you a deeper analysis, with the opportunity to request custom inclusions or a breakdown of specific audit aspects, like benchmarks or criteria.

You can email our team via with support requests and questions.

Submit a brief to get relevant, done-for-you audit research delivered in just 5 business days.

Performance Audit Services

Need support with more than just the research? Our team offers a range of performance audit consulting services via our consulting company, Risk Insights. Enjoy performance audit-focused support that improves outcomes, increases quality, and delivers real performance insights for your stakeholders.
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